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Congratulations to Dr. Christopher Galloway, DNP, APRN-FPA, FNP-BC for winning this years Marie Lindsey Spirit of Advanced Practice Nursing Award presented at the 2019 ISAPN Conference.

The nominates complies this recipient introduction:

”Marie Lindsey Spirit Award

As was mentioned, the Marie Lindsey Spirit Award is awarded to an outstanding ARNP in Illinois who demonstrates excellence as a role model, has made a significant contribution to the improvement of patient care, is creative in their approach to issues which impact Advanced Practice Nursing and utilizes current evidence based practice to enhance quality of care.

My nominee is Dr. Chris Galloway.  Dr. Galloway brings strong assets to his/her role as an ARPN, and exemplifies all of the criteria for this prestigious award.

First, this nominee is dedicated and hardworking both in the areas of patient care and innovation.  He is extremely organized and focused on excellence in evidence based patient care. He was not satisfied with the “status quo”, and in order to provide the quality of care that he feels his patients deserve, he opened his own ambulatory practice “Elemental Care – Health and Wellness Center”.  His DNP project focused on alternatives to opioid use by using essential oils – thereby providing an evidence base for avoiding the use of opioids for chronic pain.  Chris has the 68th Full Practice Authority license in Illinois – and I know how much he was looking forward to getting this license!!!  In addition, Dr. Galloway mentors nurse practitionerstudents, frequently, serving as a preceptor – and even hired one of his former students for his clinic!

Dr. Galloway not only serves his community, he has also served his country.  He just completed his time serving in the United States Army Nurse Corps where one of his assignments was the executive officer of a combat support hospital. As a member of a military family, and on behalf of myself and ISAPN, we thank you for your service.

As if this all of this was not enough, Dr. Galloway is also an outstanding faculty member.  I had the privilege of being his colleague at Resurrection University in Chicago.  He teaches both online courses as well as face-to-face courses.  I can honestly say that more than one student has approached me to tell me that Dr. Galloway is awesome!!!

I am so very pleased to have nominated Dr. Chris Galloway for the Marie Lindsey Spirit Award.  Please join me in congratulating Dr. Chris Galloway”

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